The structure of the paper should be based on the following details: –


What to Do?

Title (Font Size: 16, Font Type: Times New Roman, Bold).


Choose a title that best describes your work & free from jargon. The title should be concise (maximum 14 words) and informative. Avoid abbreviations and formulae to the extent possible mindful of search engine optimization by using the most relevant keywords. Remember that it should entice the reader. The title in bold should appear in a single column on the first page in 16 Font size

Author name and Affiliations

Write full name, designation, and affiliation of all authors. Name of the author(s), 12 font size, name of affiliation (Department name, College/University/Institute), and email id should be provided centrally aligned. The maximum number of authors in a single manuscript should not be more than 4.



Write 100-150 words on the purpose of the study, research questions or suggestions, and main findings with conclusions.


Write a minimum of 5 keywords and a maximum of 8 keywords.


Provide main information on the nature and scope of the problem statement, and the rationale of the study.

Review of Literature

Analyze and incorporate scholarly sources from past research studies. Thematic review style should be followed.


Explain the research design with methods or techniques that are used for gathering information and other aspects related to the analysis.

Results and Findings

Present and illustrate the obtained findings.


Review the information in the introduction part, evaluate their gained results, or compare it with past studies.

Practical Implications

Summarize what the results mean in terms of actions. In other words, Managerial Implications compare the results to the action standard and indicate what action or even no action should be taken in response.

Limitations and Future Research Directions

Consider the weakness of the research and results to get new research directions.


Write the reference of each and every cited research study in APA style only. At least 10 references should include.


If any

Author Biographies: Complete the author’s profile with clear photographs

Copyright: After Acceptance, an author needs to submit a filled Copyright Form with the final manuscript.

Review Process: Double-blind peer review


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